Moodboard: inspired by Sanziana Negru

Posted on June 13, 2016

Sanziana Negru might be one of the most beautiful Romanian bloggers (in an authentic way) but her magic translates into a sunny, shiny personality that’s both inspiring and relatable.  She is one my muses for some time now so here’s a moodboard dedicated to her attitude, her looks, her beauty, her fashion & style sense & a few photos without make-up that I took.

The first time we met it was many years ago when she was working as a VJ for the most popular – back then – music television in Romania. And I was working for the most popular music blog in the country. We used to interfere many times at fashion and social events and video shoots for famous artists. But none of us thought of pursuing a fashion blogging road.

In september 2015, we connected again at London Fashion Week SS16 where we had the most inspiring and amazing days and realized how important is to experience your first fashion week – or an important event of any kind – with someone that shares the same positivity, mood and sunny personality.

Sanziana was (as was I) like a kid in a chocolate factory, amazed and impressed and mostly inspired by the creativity and the freedom that people had on Brewer Street. Everyone was a photographer, everyone was a blogger, everyone took photos of everyone, everyone was the center of attention, everyone was an influencer. It was the first time when we understood – and we spent some time chatting about it – that fashion has changed. That what we saw in London is the future for the Romanian audience and that we shouldn’t place ourselves above our readers, our friends, other fellow bloggers or anyone else. The young people strive for equality of any kind. There’s no social class anymore. The importance or fortune of your family is not celebrated among young people. They only celebrate emotions, stories and authenticity.

This experience bonded us in a creative way and we had many Starbucks meetings since then, talking about blogging, about projects that we’re going to do together and so on… But you know I couldn’t work with someone if that person doesn’t inspire me. Everything creative relates to being a muse for me.


Photo by Edi Enache

Sanziana Negru is my muse. And not because she’s amazingly beautiful with the best cheekbones and bone structure. Because her personality shines through every photo. Because she doesn’t place herself above anyone else – even though she won the Newcomer / Vlogger / Beauty Blogger awards at the Elle Blogging Awards and Digital Divas Awards. She’s the same girl next door who wants to learn and inspire while blogging about her life, her make-up  & hair routines, her fashion, the beautiful life that she tries to live while travelling between Bucharest and London  – where her Romanian boyfriend lives. It is essential that you remain with your feet on the ground. And don’t start giving out advice to people like you’re a guru. Even if they consider you to be one.

Through all the social media validation, through the thousands of followers, likes, shares and comments, through huge brands that want to work with you, keeping it real, keeping it human and relatable, being modest and having an open mind to anything new, that’s a rare thing to find in the blogging world (I’m talking about what I got to see “backstage” from knowing mostly all of the top Romanian bloggers for many years now, not what you see on Instagram).

The online world is full of holograms. But sometimes you meet someone that’s not a hologram. Someone that is real, true to herself, honest, someone that has a nice work ethic and respect for other people. And that someone becomes a friend. And a muse. That’s also the case for Sanziana Negru.

Sanziana Negru without make-up


Photo by Edi Enache

And one of the thing I am most grateful for is that, even though you don’t usually see her without make-up, she was confident enough to let me photograph her with no make-up, early in the morning – it was 9 am, I called her up while she was walking her cute dog and we took these photos in about three minutes. It was the fastest, most simple and genuine “photoshoots” I’ve ever done. And having this proof that being beautiful comes from the inside is inspiring for everyone, I hope.


What you’re about to see next are photos from her personal archives – her Facebook page here, her Instagram page here. Most of the photos were taken by Nico Grigore. Some of them were taken by Ancira Adeon.

Of course, you can read and follow her story at






















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