Moodboard: Serenity Blue and a touch of rose quartz

Posted on December 4, 2015

Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz. Or the shades of a sunrise in Cannes. Pantone announced the main colors for 2016 and it couldn’t sound better: they’re softer, calmer than the last few years, they bring more balance and more tranquility to the world.

The problem with me making a moodboard is that everytime I do research, I start by thinking it’s going to take a few minutes and I end up looking at photos for hours and hours. When inspiration catches your eye – especially with something so calming as this shade of Serenity Blue that will be the main color for 2016 – it’s hard to stop from looking on Pinterest and Tumblr at all the editorials and catwalk photos, accesories and the many different ways you can choose to use this color.

I doubt a lot of guys will be wearing Rose Quartz so I made this moodboard focused more on Serenity Blue… with a bit of contrast here and there.

The rest of the top 10 colors for 2015 by Pantone is completed by Lilac Gray – a subtle shade of gray with just the right pinch of lilac, Limpet Shell – which is quite fresh and also a stronger and younger version of the Serenity Blue. Then you have Iced Coffee – quite creamy & classy for the people who like taking endless photos of what’s in their coffee cups. Peach Echo would be a lighter, softer version of that Tangerine that was very used in 2012, it also continues this line of very subtle shades. There’s also the Snorkel Blue, a stronger and darker version of the Serenity Blue.

The two missfits of the Pantone top 10 are the Green Flash and the Buttercup – which look like they were drawn from the always flashy, glitzy & pop-artish Jeremy Scott’s collections.

Wether we’re aware of it or not, fashion always talks about the social part of the world, the changes, the political influences, the mood that the entire world has right now. And as we’ve seen lately, there’s more and more disturbance happening everywhere, there’s wars starting and a lot of conflicts that trouble the world. So these colors come as an answer to the need for balance the humanity has right now and will have for the months to come. It’s time to tone it down on saturated colors and let our personalities shine brighter, bringing harmony into our surroundings.

The photos were taken from Pinterest and Tumblr. The moodboards were made by me. ENJOY this new wave! 🙂











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