Music makes the men go hobo

Posted on July 10, 2013

It happens rarely that I go to a music event and actually enjoy it as a part of the audience. I’m a journalist so I’m usually there for an interview, for photos and for some review.

This summer I experienced the B’Estfest Summer Camp Festival again, for the sixth summer in a row. It rained for two days (the festival lasted three days), I had to get out my trashy jeans so I could roll around in mud and do the rain dance – just kidding! It was a summer rain and the photos were taken before the shows were starting, while I was waiting to do my job.

I love staying on the grass whilst listening to the bands playing so I was wearing some comfortable. There’s also a piece of hand-made fashion – the white jeans (above) were painted and cut by a designer/painter friend of mine. And it fits with the latest trend in men fashion because it’s cool and super-fly to look like a hobo, right?

I didn’t get to enjoy all the concerts but I was there for the interviews:

The Fashion JUmper -festival - 4

– The Heavy – I asked the guys from The Heavy if they’re living on a dream and they said they’re sick of touring and they want to spend more time home. Now that’s what I call honest people.

The Fashion JUmper -festival - 5

– Enter Shikari – a bunch of free-spirited guys-next-door who were to entertain, making their statement by crowd surfing. They love partying, getting drunk and playing outdoors.

The Fashion JUmper -festival - 6


– Nneka – one of the most life-changing interviews I’ve ever done. She’s soulful and a fighter for human rights, especially for empowering women. You can watch the interview here if interested.

I’ll leave you to a more sunny and bright picture while I’m heading to Paris for my annual summer  holiday. Till next time, go around and JUMP!

Photos by Bimus, Anamaria Meiu and SheLovesDetails

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