Please don’t stop the rain… and the leather

Posted on February 7, 2014

Dog days are over but the cold rainy days aren’t. But that won’t stop me from enjoying London in my leather jacket, a grey sweater and some beige pants that I found in my closet.

Nothing can stop from enjoying life but yourself. So don’t let yourself be influenced to not enjoy life because it is worth it, whether it’s cold, heavily snowing or raining, you can still stay inside and have fun activities. Or, if you go to London for the week-end, you can take a shot and visit some museums and I recommend starting with the Victoria and Albert Museum, they have one of the best places for a luncheon in a museum.

There’s not much to say about this day, it was a peaceful. There’s a lot of things that I’m planning to do this year and I’m starting with a special collection that I’m going to release really soon with an online shop. It’s gonna be jumper, super-fly and it will have some unisex stuff, also some things for women and some things for men. But I like the androginity, this is one trend that should never die.

Jeans: Lee, Sweater: Steilmann, Jacket: Masimmo Dutti, Shoes: Lee Cooper

TFJ - museum - 3

TFJ - museum - 4

TFJ - museum - 5

TFJ - museum - 6

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