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Posted on May 30, 2015

Be different, catch the trend

Celebrate yourself everyday. Celebrate your differences and cherish them above all others. Dare to be different. And bold. And say what you think, share yourself with the world around you. In order for the world around you to give something back, you have to give something to the world. There’s nothing better than the freedom of being accepted for who you are.

With style, it’s important to express yourself, to underline your individuality. We live in a time where you can change your identity and be-self assured that your look fits into the latest trends.

I have a saying: find what makes you different and let it make you a great man.

There’s more to life that what you think there is. There’s always more to know, more to explore, more to learn. I have friends that I look up to, that are 10 years older than me and I think they always know everything. But because they keep an open mind to learn anything from anyone – even from the person sitting next to you in the train to the beggar on the street. Try new things, push your limits and just remember: sky’s the limit.

When it comes to fashion, you can follow latest trends but you can also try uncharted teritories and go beyond everyone’s imagination. Where everyone’s imagination ends, that’s where you’ll find success. 

And this is the result of the work that I did with Tio Torosyan, the collaborator that does the fashion illustrations every week exclusively for TheFashionJumper. I was walking on the street one day when I past near this abandoned building that had this amazingly colorful flowers drawn on it. It was a contrast between how it looked from the street and how you can transform it in your imagination.

It’s also about versatility. And how people’s style is not just one direction anymore. We’re not just punk or just urban or just British or just smart or just casual/sporty. You can be British chic – all black, New York smart – navy suit and urban Bucharest – all denim.

We strive for better, we fight, we try, we work, we give, we keep ourselves busy, we run, we run, we run. It’s great to set goals. It’s great to explore. It’s great to create. But enjoy everything you do. I always see people who have regrets and from them I learned that one must learn to enjoy every moment, live life in the now and take breaks to taste the good, the bad and the boring in the life. A quiet day in bed might be as fruitful as a working day.

A while back I got an email that made me the happiest. Canyon chose The Fashion Jumper to be one of their ambassadors for their stylish and trendy multimedia products.

What they didn’t know was that I was using their products for many years now and that my happiness came from thousands of hours of enjoying and being thankful to their extraordinary products. (Or maybe they saw that I was using their headphones and backpacks in some of my Instagram pics.) Anywho, they had no idea of the attachment I developed towards their wonderful brand so I was happy to connect in photos with CANYON.

CANYON is a dynamic lifestyle worldwide brand that offers a wide range of stylish and trendy multimedia, mobile accessories, and computer peripherals which are
designed for youth. Canyon is in business of bringing extraordinary design into every element of its products. Created in line with latest fashion trends the cutting
edge accessories from Canyon helps young people to express themselves and underline their individuality.

Canyon is modern and stylish accessories which help to fill the image of young people up. With Canyon they can change their identities and be-self assured that their look fits into the latest trends.

I will be writing soon about two of the most priceless posessions a modern guy can have (besides smartphone, of course): headphones and backpacks. Until now, let me know if you like this mix & match of different styles, clothes, bags, backpacks, shoes and…. headphones! And you can see some of these photos in the new Canyon catalogue!

As you can see, I chose three different types of headphones for this photo ride:

The small zipper blue Canyon headphones fill your travelling with emotions

Finally, the tangling problem is fixed for small heaphones. The zipper cable combined with the flat one make you forget about tangling. It’s a delight. They have them in blue, black, red and orange.


The red Canyon headphones get you in style with your beats

This is the best choice for young music lovers. And the best part is the inline microphone which makes it easier to take calls between listening to booming new songs. They have them in blue and red.



The black and yellow foldable Canyon headphones bring the lightness to your ears

Fashionable style combined with technical perfection. And they are as light as they could be with combinations of black and yellow or black and red. This outfit needed a bit of yellow, isn’t it?



Photo, creative & editing: Edi Enache, The Fashion Jumper


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