Right, wrong or shades of blue?

Posted on January 21, 2016

There are infinite posibilities that what you’re reading now is wrong. Or right. How do you choose to see it? Is it wrong, right? Or shades of blue?

Now, more than ever fashion is about individuality, diversity and celebrating the underdog. The cool kids are not cool anymore. The uncool kids became the new cool. What was wrong years ago became right all of a sudden. So who are we to say that what’s right now won’t be wrong in a few months or years? And it’s not just about fashion and the clothes. It’s not even about attitude or style. Or education. It’s about how we choose to see the world altogether.

We’re used to using “right” or “wrong” every single day. We use to it to talk about anything. And what I learned is that these two labels, like many others, have no meaning on the long run. They only have value for us in the present, in the now, right in this second. After NOW, it doesn’t matter anymore. So why choose to use it, anyways? Why do you need to think that something is wrong or right… when there’s no certainty if it’s more than a impulse?

And I’m not talking about science here where there might be the case for wrongs and rights. It’s about the way we perceive and label people, actions, feelings, everything. It’s the power that we give to the wrong. Or right. Yes, the idea came from the way we judge other people’s clothes.

There were way too many people telling other people what’s wrong and what’s right in fashion… and in life. Their time is almost at the end. The millenials already don’t care about what’s wrong or right and they choose their own path. People who criticise others for the way they dress – fashion police and fashion critics – that’s almost done now. We’re going into something new. Where we don’t judge. We celebrate diversity. And we celebrate individuality. And the people that will be on top will be the ones that show us how to live a beautiful life, not what’s wrong with our lives.

Look at the sky. It is limitless. And it has got endless shades of blue. And grey. and white. The sky provides us with infinite wisdom and it can be the answer for everything, most of the times.

We are powerless when it comes to changing others by criticising them. The best way to change something is by showing not by saying. I have a friend that always tell me that our motto should be “show, don’t tell”. The power of example. So here’s to a beautiful beginning in 2016:)

We took these photos in Milan for Fashion Week in September 2015. It was before they announced that Serenity Blue was one of the two Pantone colours for 2016. But I did get inspired by the fashion men trends for Spring and Summer 2016.






Soft blue shirt, trousers & jacket from ASOS
Black and white belt from Orciani
Red Converse Shoes

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