The smart escape to Electric Castle

Posted on July 27, 2016

Electric Castle 2016 was one of the biggest adventures of the past year and my friends from smart were fun enough to challenge us to make it an even more exciting trip with the smart forfour and a roadtrip to Cluj Napoca.


smart puts the FUN back in FUNtastic memories! Our relationship started one year ago with Summer Well when they gave us a smart fortwo to ride to the festival and share my outfits inspired by the festival mood and their fun car. We continued this friendship before Christmas when I used a smart forfour to run around town and buy all the presents I needed for Christmas. And this time around, it was our biggest campaign so far: a full week from Bucharest to Cluj Napoca and Bontida – where the Electric Castle 2016 took place.

Every roadtrip starts with planning it before hand and packing your luggage. We had six days away from Bucharest so there was supposed to be a lot of thinking put into festival outfits and accessories. That didn’t happen. I had 10 minutes to do my luggage so I threw in some things that I thought could be a part of an outfit and just ran with it.

You can see Oana Tache & me getting ready and meeting up to go to the festival with smart forfour, the official ride for Electric Castle 2016 – you cannot even imagine how good it feels like to walk around with a car that says “EC Official Ride”, everyone let us pass through every gate and we had the best parking spots ever in the first few days.

So the road to Bontida was supposed to be six or seven hours. That didn’t happen either. And maybe it’s not a good idea to plan so many things when you’re on the road to having fun.


We turned the journey to Electric Castle 2016 into an adventure with Snapchat and good music. Basically, smart started their Snapchat profile on Wednesday, the day before the festival started and I have the honor to post the first updates and announce everyone about it. I had takeovers on their Snap everyday – you can add them up at “smart ro” – and kept everyone connected to the mood, the activities and the festival fun days.

So we started playing karaoke in the car to Cluj, we had many ideas for photos, we wanted to jump, we stopped to get sweets, coffee and tea many times and we ended up in Bontida at Banffy Castle after more than 12 hours. Time flies by when you’re having fun and you’re with the right people.

After arriving at Electric Castle, we had many contests and things to do at the smart corner which was the closest tent to the main stage so at night it became very crowded. They placed a smart disco ball – the most glam car you could ever see, all dolled up and ready to join the party – and if you took photos, selfies, videos, GIFs or posted any updates about it on social media, you entered the race to win a lot of cool prizes, including a test drive.

We spent at least one hour everyday at the smart corner and also did my first live video streaming on Facebook. I was nervous about it, I was also trying to show everyone at home the mood of the festival. First, it was the sunny days, then it was the rainy days and then the muddy ones with everything covered in mud – except the smart disco ball, that was the only clean thing left in the festival.

The best part of it all came during the second night when the rain was heavy and the closest place to the main stage where you could be safe but still watch the live show was the smart tent so there were like hundreds of people around the disco ball and it became like a huge party.

Over all, it was a fun experience. It was muddy and crazy, we damaged our shoes and clothes but we managed to stay healthy and have fun for many hours & days and smart made this experience a lot more fun & exciting, on the way back home as well.

Thanks a lot to my buddies from Golin & smart, until next time!

electric castle

electric castle

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