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Posted on January 13, 2016

Having dinner one Friday evening at Voila Bistro with the editor in chief – Beatrice – and the coordinating editor – Madalina Dragoi – from Ce se intampla doctore? magazine – the best known magazine about health, lifestyle & sport in Romania – they challenged me to write about my experience with yoga. I told them about not enjoying going to the gym but how I found the healthy lifestyle that works for me: doing yoga from YouTube.

So I did an article – I had to write and rewrite it 3 times until I managed to feel that I was clear enough. It was tempting to write like I know what I am talking about but I am no proffesional in yoga or sport. I was never good at sports. But I did manage to change my lifestyle and my entire life with yoga and centering and finding what works and what’s good for me.

I’ll post the entire article soon enough, once the magazine is off the market. And all the photos. Meanwhile, you can take a look here and buy the December-January issue of Ce se intampla doctore? magazine.

Thank you to Sebastian Florea for taking & editing the photos of me that accompany the six pages article that you’ll find in the magazine. And also thank you for spending a few hours in my favorite dance studio where I sometimes go and practice dance or yoga.

Thank you to Madalina and Beatrice from the magazine. Their challenge turned this into a wonderful experience. And I am so grateful that I can express myself, be heard by people. They gave me a voice in the magazine for this issue and it became important because it was going in the right direction for me: connecting your inner self with your outside. And that’s all that this blog is about. Not only about fashion and clothes but mostly about this connection that can translate into a wonderful lifestyle.

This portrait is an outtake. I am curious to hear any thoughts about my article.



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