Styling & creative direction: Andreea Balan – Sens Unic

Posted on January 19, 2017

A new project that I’ve worked on last year is out now, the new video for Andreea Balan’s new single – “Sens Unic” – in English that translates to “One Way” (street or direction). Here’s how it went down and this is the moodboard and inspiration behind  this new visual.

The new song that Andreea released comes as a part of a trilogy of break-up songs. The first one was about being vulnerable and distancing yourself from someone – “Rece (cold)”. The second one was about trying to get rid of memories and pain – “Uita-ma” (Forget Me) and the third one talks about.

The new music video is directed by Edward Aninaru and the director of photography and editing was signed by Jake Southland who did an amazing job bringing beautiful cinematic shots, a freedom and minimal look, so clean but so dynamic and fresh in a way. The location was the Salton Sea near Los Angeles, California and it was originally planned on looking black and white but the landscape was way too beautiful and the sunset shots bring out a special soft mood.

I started collaborating with Andreea on creative direction and styling since “Rece (cold)” so we built this story together. But this time around, she said she wants to empower people and girls and women in general. She’s always been edgy but I proposed a nordic-viking, strong woman look inspired by Lagertha from the Vikings TV Show. Her character in the TV series inspires a lot of freedom and independence and she works her way through the Scandinavian Earls and Kings in a world dominated by men. She breaks up with her husband because he brings another woman into the relationship so she decides to take off for herself and start a completely new life. With a new look and new people around her. And a new attitude that doesn’t revolve around being submissive, she focuses on bringing her strength out. And her story is way too much alike Andreea’s personal life so everything relates in a way.

We created five or six looks but she only used four of them because she was pregnant at the time so she couldn’t shoot for the entire day in the sunny Californian weather. There was also a big challenge to hide the fact that she was pregnant because we knew that the video is going to be released one year later so… that was an interesting task because we couldn’t play with trends a lot and all the clothes needed to be shapeless. But the nordic trend got in and even though I created the moodboard one year ago, it feels like it matches the fashion nowadays.

The kind of not-so-lucky part of this project was the fact that she couldn’t really shoot in the shoes that we initially planned on shooting so she had to use some boots that she found in a shop in Los Angeles for most of the video shoot. Because she was pregnant so she couldn’t stay in heels for too long.

So the first look was..

The Teenage Viking

It’s a modern version of a woman viking, one that could go both to a festival or a Scandinavian battlefield. It’s a versatility and a game-play between the character from Vikings and her fanbases desire to see her in a festival style. There was a very natural make-up moodboard with a lot of braids and tresses and texture and messy long waves for the hair.

The clothes and all the accesories are from ASOS – a festival see through lace dress with a long fake fur vest and a lot of silver rings and silver arm bracelet. The only colors that you’ll notice on the accesories is sky blue 😉

The second look was..

The Warrior

There may be many things that anyone could say about Andreea Balan. But almost everyone that has followed her journey through the years will agree that she’s a warrior. She had to fight a lot of prejudice and judgment from the age of 10 when she stepped on the music scene dressed in fishnets and shorts leather skirts with Michael Jackson dance moves. Then it was her career that had ups and downs. And her personal life. But she stayed a warrior and she won, in the end because she got what she wanted. A top 10 single. A family. And a strong career that doesn’t revolve around making hits but around entertainment and a good live show.

So I think this look embodies her personality the best. It’s the warrior. With gladiator sandals and a wonderful costume created by George Neagu for his AW2015 collection: “The girl with the pearl earring” inspired by the movie with the same name. He recreated all the main characters from the amazing cinematic picture and this golden piece was underneath the dress that the main character was wearing. Here’s the dress:

And here’s the warrior look complete with the viking long hair locks.

The third look brings out

The Big Color Block

This brings out one of the most wonderful and loved color blocks around and contrast also – actually the theme was “strong contrast” so we decided on red and blue. Red being the symbol for fire, energy, war, powere and passion, desire and love. Blue being the symbol for trust, confidence, faith, truth and freedom.

And there’s a graphic make-up sign under the eye that completes this look – this came out from the AW16 trends moodboard that came out a few days before Andreea Balan shot this video in California. It is also part of the “fighter” theme of the song and video.

The red shirt and the blue cardigan are both from Ana Novic’s collection. The brown suede boots are from ASOS.

The fourth and final looks brings…

The Dark Angel

There is a feminine angel that rises in the sunset and her wings are made of silk and soft fabrics that makes it look like she’s about to take off and fly away into the distance. The video needed a dark princess, a feminine mood to balance the masculine fighter and warrior. There’s a sensitivity and a beautiful story about this greek goddess dress from Ana Novic’s collection.

As you can see, the video embodies, the light – the white outfit – the dark – this black one – the red and blue – the struggle, the fighting, the war, the contrast – and the golden armour who protects and shields from any bad that may come in the future.

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