Styling project: Andreea Balan for the “Uita-ma” music video

Posted on August 12, 2015



Working with Andreea Balan is always a rewarding experience because we learn about how to bring fashion into mainstream and how to bring a new hue to a huge Romanian brand that people know so well – and reinvent, try new things and use our knowledge of millenials and try to fit that with her old fans as well.

Andreea is always very hands-on with every project that she does and she knows exactly what she wants everytime. And this time she wanted to go on the bohemian trend but not the explosive one that everyone else uses. She wanted something different than anything she ever did, she said that people expect to see her in costumes & colors so she wanted minimal, she wanted all black and a lot of jewelry on the hands because she knew that most of the video they are going to shoot her driving in the car.

The first music video that we (me & Tio Torosyan) had creative input on was “Uita-ma”. The director (Edward Aninaru) wrote a script that included a lot of acting on her part – that was the center piece of the video – her emotions. Because she had strong blue mermaid hair we couldn’t go for bright colors and Andreea wanted to go for a lot of black – it matched the lyrics of the song, the mood, her acting. But we made accents with statement silver rings, silver bracelets and details – this season she’s really feeling this “a lot of rings on every finger” trend.

They used 4 different looks that we created for this video but the first one and the last one were visible in full, the other ones are setting the mood and letting all the attention go on her emotions, on what she’s trying to express.

Of course, the main theme for Fall 2015 is Boho Chic so there you have the black gladiator sandals with fringe (no heel), leather patterned pants – inspired by Jeremy Scott’s colorful shorts that he used for his Barbie collection – and a black sports crop top.

The video was shot in Los Angeles – in El Mirage Dry Lake desert – and it turned out to be very cinematic, very well-edited with a lot of close-ups on her accesories. I’ll leave you with a few print-screens from the video, we just love it, it’s simple yet emotional and very cool.

You have the moodboard with the Summer and Fall trends 2015 that we used in this particular project:  fringes, sandals with no heels, a lot of rings, a lot of black and the cowboy boots that everyone loves this season – Andreea already had them in her wardrobe. And also metallic accesories.


All the hats, the sunglasses and all the jewelry are from












Congratulations to the entire team – especially to Elias Talbot – DOP, Satya Linak – make-up artist – it’s so beautiful to see your work completed on screen. And most of all, a big thank u to Andreea for trusting us. Enjoy the video!

Styling: The Fashion Jumper


The video got a lot of press mentions and there’s also been a few mentions of the styling and we are MORE THAN GRATEFUL for this! THANK U!

– on the website of one of the biggest Romanian radio stations – Europa FM . ro

– on one music website –

– another radio website – Bucharest FM . ro

– one mention in the video news for Radio 21 as well:

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