Summer cliche

Posted on August 26, 2014

Welcome to my summer cliche! I say we celebrate this hot season with white shirts, blue stripes and a lovely post-card-like shooting from the harbour at the Black Sea. And what I learnt about being or not being a cliche.

Some of us spend way too much time running away from cliches and we would do anything just be to outstanding and different from the crowd. And where do we wind up with this attitude?

When I was a kid, I always used to be the underdog in my group of friends. And there was this girl that everyone was making fun of. I tried defending her a few times because I know what it feels like being bullied and picked on. So my friends thought that I was being just stupid for not getting down with them and being different (in their own words “trying to be different”). So one time I tried making fun of her as well and that’s when I heard a thing that haunted me for years and it happens that I get it just now, it makes sense after all these years.

She told me that I’m never gonna be down with the popular kids so I should be stop trying to make them like me, to stop trying to be like them. And then she added that she always thought I was different in many ways. It was the first time feeling like I actually disappointed someone. So I learned a lesson back then. And another one just now.

Down with the cool kids

Just because you’re not down with the cool kids that doesn’t mean you won’t have similiraties to them. Just because you’re different that doesn’t mean you’re 100% different from everybody else. In the fashion world – that includes the fashion bloggers as well, especially the male fashion bloggers – just because you’re running away from fast fashion brands and mainstream and H&M that doesn’t make you different or unique, that only makes you less yourself and more of an ideal.

There’s no point in living in someone else’s world because being yourself will always make you happier than being accepted with the cool kids. Or being one of the kids who are running away from the cool kids (hipsters or whatever they call themselves these days).

So please enjoy my summer cliche near the seaside in a white Zara t-shirt, the blue striped shorts from the David Beckham collection, the ASOS plimsolls, the vintage shades and the Xerox hat that has a lovely autograph from Simona Halep, the Romanian national treasure that just climbed up to the no.2 spot on the WTA chart. Because it’s autographed, I thought about not wearing it but it made sense with the sunny day and the outfit.

If it makes sense, just let it be. And if you end up being a cliche sometimes, just make sure you’re true to yourself.

Photos by SheLovesDetails, editing & concept by Edi Enache / The Fashion Jumper

The Fashion Jumper - summer cliche

The Fashion Jumper

The Fashion Jumper - summer cliche 2




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The Fashion Jumper - summer cliche 6

The Fashion Jumper - summer cliche 7

PS: The autograph from the hat, the signature belongs to another kid who wasn’t interested in cliches, who followed her path and grew up to be a champion – Simona Halep that is.

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