Summer Well 2015 – Festival outfit, day 2

Posted on August 9, 2015

I took the smart challenge from yesterday a bit further with another outfit. Yesterday I kept it safe & urban with the punk-rock-modern-London look, today I’m going all feathers & kilts with one my most creative & stylish friends.

smart challenged me to match my festival outfit – for Summer Well 2015, happening this week-end next to Bucharest – to their smart fortwo car (literally fortwo), a very urban, very fast & modern, easy to drive with high agility, a small turning circle, a whole lot of comfort and clever functions – and last but not least always being able to find a parking space with ease.

The smart fortwo passion is the right choice for everyone looking for something a little special. And in this case, wearing a kilt is one of the most special experiences you could have. It was daring, it didn’t took courage, it took a bit of madness of the moment, a lot of fun because the wind kept blowing the scottish skirt right up – and I finally understood why it’s so hard for girls to do it.


Skirts for men are also very in trend in the last few years. From Marc Jacobs to Prada, every big designer has tried to make skirts happen for men. They don’t feel manly but they are extremely comfortable.

I chose the scottish kilt because it matched the festival mood that I felt on Saturday, the music felt very expressive in many ways. All the artists that play the festival are British so I brought a bit of that from home. And some feathers that I took from Jamiroquai – he’s the king of the show everytime he walks on stage – as an inspiration, of course.

Today I’m going to the festival with my good & very creative stylist friend, Madalina Dragoi. I want to thank smart again for this challenge, it was fun and I finally found a reason to wear a kilt – I don’t think I’ll be wearing it around the city as it drives everyone’s attention and I’m not into that.




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