Sunset near Pont Neuf

Posted on October 6, 2013

Autumn is back and with it, the most beautiful light, colors and sunsets. Taking a walk and seeing the leaves falling in Paris, near the Seine river, under the Pont Neuf. Is there any other way to end Paris Fashion Week, other than this one?

The Fashion Jumper - Sur la Seine pont neuf - 2
I’m sure you’ve seen the new Spring collections. I see that Anna Wintour and her MET Gala set a trend for punk-chic. I love the new combinations of suit and leather but I’m not into animal print that much, never tried it. There’s still time.

The Fashion Jumper - Sur la Seine pont neuf -3
I did not plan to have these photos taken but I was having a peaceful walk at sunset near the Seine and when I got to Pont Neuf, I saw someone running underneath it and I felt inspired by the shape of the man who was running in the dark.

The Fashion Jumper - Sur la Seine pont neuf - 4
It seems to funny that you can walk near the Seine and you have some parts that are too crowded and noisy, and then, you go a few feet away and you find a peaceful place where you can hear the water hitting the wall, you hear the seagulls and you suddenly go back in time to 1600 when the bridge was built. I can travel from one extreme to the other, it’s a matter of seconds.

The Fashion Jumper - Sur la Seine -6
One cannot have too many walks near the Seine. You see the tourists but you see the thoughtful people who stare into the river or happy people who’re having a snack, sharing a laugh. And they’re all well dressed. A few years ago, I was doing the same walk and thinking: “how do they pick their clothes”, how do they choose what to wear?

The Fashion Jumper - Sur la Seine -11
Now I realized it’s about the way you feel on the inside, it comes from seeing all the beautiful things that you get to see in Paris. Sometimes you don’t put any thought into it, you just bring out the way you feel. It’s about looking at the sky or at the river and feeling a certain vibe. You can be dressed for tango, you could wear your sport clothes and some Nike or you could just mix it up like I did with this outfit.

The Fashion Jumper - Sur la Seine -12
This outfit feels like back to school or back to the office after a hot summer. I have a white H&M shirt, a Paolo Pecora coat, my black Zara jeans, a FeMale for exclusive black tie and black Lacoste Nistos Men’s casual shoes.

The Fashion Jumper - Sur la Seine -7
I can wear it for a walk but I could also wear it for a meeting, an evening at the theater or at the office – where I usually go for a casual look.

Jump around and be safe!

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