Sunset surfer next to Louvre Pyramid

Posted on October 24, 2013

I started this blog with a post about a “roundabout” and here I am again at a “carrousel”, this time it is the one from the Louvre Museum – Louvre Pyramid. Everytime I see a beautiful sundown I manage to transform into a sunset surfer.

It’s funny that Β I am talking about aΒ roundabout/carrousel again (the carrousel is a merry-go-round) and I realize that it’s all coming back together with the beautiful autumn leaves and that golden light that you only see in October.

And what a more beautiful place to jump in a fashionable manner than the Carrousel du Louvre, near the Pyramides that look so ancient yet from another dimension.

Don’t you think it was about time I got my River Island trench out and mix it with something metalic, something that would make it pop and seem rough in the same time. Yes, I’m talking about my H&M T-shirt that I got it last year.

The Fashion Jumper - Pyramides - Louvre - 2
I remember it was December 31st 2012 and I was asking myself what should I wear for the New Years Ever Party (actually there were many parties that night) so I went out and H&M was the only store that was still open that evening. I felt like something colorful, cheerful but rough would be the best way to start a year. And that’s exactly how 2013 was until now: cheerful but rough. Ironic, isn’t it?

A modern version of Matrix meets Doctor Who meets a british investigator meets the future. The T-shirt looks like a dark turqoise neon shield but feels soft on the inside. There are so many contrasts in this post that I will just stop here.

So the trench is from River Island, the T-shirt is from H&M, the shoes are from Lacoste, the belt and the shades are from a vintage shop and the jeans are from Zara.

Jump & surf around… in the sunset!

The Fashion Jumper - Pyramides - Louvre - 3
The Fashion Jumper - Pyramides - Louvre - 4

The Fashion Jumper - Pyramides - Louvre - 5

The Fashion Jumper - Pyramides - Louvre - 6

The Fashion Jumper - Pyramides - Louvre - 7

The Fashion Jumper - Pyramides - Louvre - 8

The Fashion Jumper - Pyramides - Louvre - 9
If you’re wondering to which roundabout post I’m reffering to, you’ll find it HERE!

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