When technology becomes fashion

Posted on December 17, 2015

Working in the music industry for many years now (more than 8 from what I remember), I was always keen on finding a pair of headphones that looks DAMN cool on the street but also gives me the best possible sound. To put it simple: I was looking for the perfect combination between quality & good looks. Technology that looks like fashion.

When you have to to give your honest & clear opinion on a song – like I had to for many years because I was writing reviews for songs and albums every day – you don’t just listen to it, you have to experience it, you need to understand it, you need to feel what the artist wanted to say and enjoy it.

Music is created to be listened to in the highest quality and not all headphones can give you that. I’ve tried many brands, even the ones that everyone else loves. But I always come back to my Canyon headphones – I usually like the big ones but if I go to a business meeting or some event, I usually take the small zipper ones – they’re discreet yet classy and still look fun, vibrant and urban.

Also, jewelry has never been my thing. I don’t wear bracelets or rings or accesories. But I always wear headphones. If I don’t have them on my ears, they will be hanging on my neck or…. I just put one of them in my pocket and I let the other hang out.

Headphones can really become a fashion accesory – on runways for some years now and in real life as well. It could be something that makes your outfit different, give that shining color that lacks sometimes – especially if you’re into dressing all black, all grey, all brown or all beige like me.

But I guess for me it’s more than a fashion thing. I don’t want headphones. I need headphones. I need them everyday. When I put them on, I get into a creative mood, I become one with the music – because that’s the only sound I can hear – I enjoy every beat, every backing voice, every harmony, every electro sound, I let my imagination follow the sounds and come up with a lot of ideas that I use on this blog and other projects that I work on. Music is and has always been my main inspiration. So good quality is required when it comes to it.

Inspiration comes from anywhere but if you can let the sound transport you into a world of your own, imagination goes up a few levels.

I enjoy life TEN times more when I listen music with a great headphones. If you don’t enjoy the noisy sounds of the city (that thousand of cars, angry people, construction machines and horny cats make), just put the big headphones on and choose your own soundtrack to your life.

The headphones and the nice grey backpack are both from Canyon. You can see the headphones here and the backpack here – I love the breast ties fastened at the chest for pulling together the backpack straps. This allows better fixation of backpack and partially bear the weight of the goods from the shoulders to the chest – for someone who has to wear it for many hours every day, it’s a relief.

It was an honor and a humbling experience to be featured in the Canyon catalogue this year with the photos that I posted here!


ZARA Shoes | Lee Cooper Jeans | H&M blue shirt | Pull & Bear long jacket |

Pull & Bear black & red shirt | ZARA cap | The XX official Tshirt merchandise

Canyon headphones & backpack











Photos taken in Paris

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