The game of masks and faces

Posted on April 12, 2016

If you wear a mask for long enough, it becomes you. And life will give you back what you put into it. And if you don’t live it as your true authentic self, you won’t get anything true out of it. You might just live in your imagination. So you will never find harmony and happiness if you’re living under a mask. The biggest strength is showing your flaws, your imperfections and vulnerabilities to the world, wearing them on your sleeve and using them something that you’re proud of, something that you are.

We all use masks. It’s fun to use them. We use clothes as masks. We use pieces of our personalities as masks. Because they offer us protection.

As soon as you grow out of being a teenager, you start feeling like you don’t find your place in the world and that society cannot tolerate the real you. So you don’t show yourself to the world anymore, you show a projection of what you think the world could understand. You feel like if you can guard the real you inside, no one will be able to touch or see it or get to know it, for real, it wont get hurt.

At some point, if you play the game of masks for too long, be it with your personality or your clothes, at some point you’ll end up losing yourself in that game. It’s like a maze runner, you won’t know what’s real and what’s not and how to find the way back to the truth.

There are so many masks, so many projections and you could easily get used to people validating the masks. It’s the feeling that you’re finally doing something right. Because people like you. So the people around you (and the people who follow you online) will get to know, like and appreciate the masks. So much that the real you will go deeper and deeper inside.

Be careful with the game of masks. With this game of playing around with projections. It’s easy to lose yourself in this world. The hardest part of life is finding yourself. And accepting yourself with all the flaws, just the way you are.

It is hard. It is heavy. It is a long road. It takes a lot of time. I’m not sure if it ever ends, the game of figuring out who you are. And the best way to get out of any confusing time is to put your ego aside and start thinking that everything that you know might be wrong.


Being a creature of habbit and reacting the way you used to react a few days ago, it’s never a good way. Every moment is unique, every interaction is unique, every piece of clothing is unique, in some way, every person is unique. There was a quote that was saying something like “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of madness”. When everything else fails, try something new.

Wearing clothes as masks is something we all do everyday. And if we look back in time, we realize that through history, people used to try to fit and wear the costumes, the big dresses, the fake hair, the big hats, the make-up, they would do everything to fit in. It was all about wearing a mask to fit in society, to be part of the middle class, upper class or whatever. So, in many ways, it’s in our DNA to try to be what society and people around us think we should be.

When it comes to clothes, for example, some men like to wear suits to impress and show more confidence, strength and masculinity. Women like to wear red to inspire passion and seduction. Or they will wear something very colorful to show that they’re young, full of life and energetic. That doesn’t mean that people will get that feeling from them. That doesn’t mean that they’re strong, confident, masculine, feminine, sensual or young. That just means that they’re trying to show something.

And that is where my passion from blogging started from. From this idea that we need to connect our inner self with what we show on the outside. And make it true. Make it real. And even if we use clothes as masks or projections or as a game or as a theater play or to feel like living in a movie, it needs to come from the inside.

It’s not right or wrong, it’s just healthy and beautiful to be yourself. It’s nice to wear a mask sometimes as long as you know that it is a mask and you manage to take it off at the end of the day. Otherwise you might be living like a clown everyday.

I am wearing

Zara suit

ASOS grey shirt

Justin Reece shoes

Photos & editing by Cosmin LitaΒ took in London












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