A Roundabout Fashion

Posted on July 15, 2013

I remember a summer morning when I was barely 6, waking up really confused and seeing that no one was around. I went out searching for my family and they were all dressed up and excited, getting ready to visit the big Roundabout that was in town only for a few days. I asked my mom to get me dressed up in my best outfit and we jumped into the car and had a lot of fun.

Thinking about that day and what a roundabout actually means, I stumbled upon two interesting meanings and realized that it’s related to fashion. We usually think of it as a toy, as a joyful ride for kids, a colorful way to make children smile.

The roundabout way (or the roundabout fashion) is a way of saying something is not clear, direct or simple. It’s longer and more complicated than necessary.

The roundabout was also a short, close-fitting coat or jacket worn by men or boys, especially in the 19th century, cut circularly at the bottom; having no tails.

Who would’ve thought there was so much men fashion in a roundabout?

Don’t hesitate to take a ride next time you’re next to a roundabout! Jump around!

Photo by Bimus, SheLovesDetails; Editing by me and Icanbecreative

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