The year of first. First year of becoming a man. Happy New Year!

Posted on December 31, 2014

The year of FIRST has come to an end. It was the single hardest and yet the best 12 months that I’ve lived so far. The best is yet to come so that leaves place for 2015! Happy New Year!

When 2013 was ending, I had the urge to say that 2014 will be the best year so far. I didn’t say it will be the happiest, just the best. It was this whirlwind of emotions that was waiting to come out.

12 months passed and it’s time to yell HAPPY NEW YEAR, end a chapter, open a new one and ENJOY every moment of every day more than before.

2014 was not a happy year although it ended happy. It was the hardest year so far. Many things happened in the first 8 months and everything has lead me to say that it was the best year ever. It was the year of transitions, it was the year when I changed and the people around me changed as well. It was the year when I started LISTENING to other people’s needs more than their thoughts, the year when I started helping people and started thinking more about bringing good into the world and making good happen. It was the year when I changed my motto from “Seize the moment” to “Do good and be good”. It was the year when I found balance, inner peace and reason. Who knows, it may have been the year when I became a man. I feel better in my skin and in my clothes than ever before.



In 2014 I bought my FIRST suit – a dark blue one from Zara in March when they opened their online shop to Romania.  I got my FIRST bow tie – a royal velvet one. When I put it on, I still remember the smile I got when looking into the mirror. It was the moment when I realised how much I’ve changed. You go through changes and you let time and experiences leave their mark on you but you only realize how different you are when you’re facing your older self. I

I didn’t used to feel good when wearing a suit. It felt like a uniform, a convention. It felt like a prison for my body who was used to comfortable and kind of baggy or medium large clothes.  Now it feels PROPER. It feels natural to get up and get the dark sweater, dark pants and a dark suit-jacket.

The things that I wear are a way of expressing my inner self. And listing all these first things that I got for the first time, it’s about going from Sporty Spice – how I call it – to a more relaxed, dandy, smart casual, grey loving looking guy.

2014 was the year when I got my first pair of leather gloves, my first pair of smart looking leather boots, my first pair of elegant shoes and a black shirt – which I thought it hard to wear until now.



I compare this year with SINGING IN THE RAIN – the message of the lyrics and the energy that the scene from the movie delivers, it’s the perfect conclusion to 2014. You learn to sing in the rain and enjoy the bad moments as well as the good ones. You learn to enjoy yourself, to live in the moment and stop waiting for better things to come along to enjoy life. You transform yourself in the best possible version of a human being you could be… for now.

This was, by far, one of the craziest photo shootings I’ve done so far. I climbed on top of a street light on a bridge above Ile Saint Louis in Paris. It was raining and it was extremely cold but I kept singing my way through these photos like I never did before. It was slippery and it was really close for me to fall into the river, into the Seine… but it was worth it. I got a really bad back ache from pulling my muscles but I managed to get a sense of Gene Kelly and this scene:

My conclusion for 2014 is that people are able to change from the inside, to change their nature, to polish themselves, to go to the roots and become a better person. It was the best year so far. I wish the best for 2015 for everyone who reads this. And a BIG THANK YOU to all the wonderful people around me that are a constant inspiration.


From where I’m standing, the sun is shining all over the place.

The dark shirt is an asymetrical necked one from La Maison D’Homme (the brand is called Genius). The suit is from Zara. The boots and the overcoat are from H&M, the Modern Essentials Autumn Winter 2014 collection. The grey hat is from Meli Melo. And the umbrella, I found it in a trash can while walking to the shooting and thinking “the only thing that is missing is an umbrella, how great it would be to get one”. Everything fell into place.

Creative direction: Edi Enache, The Fashion Jumper. Photo assistant & editing: Curtis MacNewton – thank you again! 










Feel more, love more, do more,

The Fashion Jumper

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