It’s time for some Shakespeare in Bucharest

Posted on October 1, 2016

Shakespeare + Serbia + Romania + me = a date to the theater on October 19th. One of the most interesting events that this autumn brings is “FEST(IN) pe Bulevard”, the international theater festival held in the Nottara Theater, reached its 4th edition and it will take place between 10 and the 22nd of October 2016.

This year, FEST(IN) brings together shows from seven different countries and they chose a few bloggers to represent each of the countries. I didn’t go for the obvious choice but I did choose my favorite theater play writer: Shakespeare.

The play that I will see on the 19th of October at Nottara will be PERICLE by William Shakespeare. It was put together by the Sabac Theater crew and the director Nìkita Mílivojevic. It will be one hour and 45 minutes of british drama through the eyes of the Serbian artists, it will also include Romanian subtitles (or supratitles).


Pericle, prince of Tiron is one of the least played Shakespeare plays so it was my obvious choice from the festival.Although William never published his works, during his lifetime there were 18 unauthorized versions of this play. In 1623, seven years after he passed away, the actors John Hemminges and Henry Condell have put together 36 of his works in the First folio volume.

Two years ago, the 231st copy of this volume was found in the North of France. Each of them has an estimated value between 2,5 and 5 million euros, depending on their physical state.


So the story of Pericle start out like a fairytale. A king offers the hand of his daughter in marriage to the one that will find the answer to his riddle. And he will decapitate the ones that will give a wrong answer. Although prince Pericle solves the riddle, the king who has an incestuous relationship with his daughter is lying saying that the answer is wrong and wants to kill the prince who runs away disgusted by all of this and starts a fantastic journey.

If you want to listen a 1973 Romanian radio play version of Pericle, here it is. You can hear some of the most legendary Romanian actors in it: Radu Beligan, Mircea Albulescu and Amza Pellea.

You can find the tickets here if you wanna join me for a theater date. October 19th is the day.

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