What about the Teddy Boys?

Posted on February 5, 2016

The Teddy Boys was the fashion movement that started it all for youth fashion and reinvented men fashion as well! It was the moment young guys realized they needed to express themselves as youngsters and show off their age in a more individual way.

The ‘Teddy Boy Style’ has been inspired by the Edwardian style and was mainly worn by british youth in the 40’s and 50’s. Large groups were in Manchester and Liverpool and one of the mainstream representatives for the Teddy Boys was the legendary John Lennon.

The Teddy Boy mostly came from a working class family and it was heavily influenced by the popular culture that was starting to become a phenomenon. For youth that loved cinema and the rock & roll, it was almost like getting into a character: the teddy girls and boys.

The distinct style especially adopted the tailored-fitted jackets, high-stiff collars and skinny pants. The principal features are the long coats with fur dressing (velvet), Dark biker jackets in washed black nappa, with zips hanging as crucial elements, motorcycle boots with their denim jeans.

The trousers short of the ankles, waistcoats and major focus on details, the “Slim Jim” ties, fancy waistcoats and gaudy socks.


Nowadays, the best representative for the Teddy Boys would be Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys. The second one is Harry Styles. He embodies that spirit and mood of the Teddy Boy in a very modern way, keeping it relatable to milennials.

Teddy Boys were the first youth group in England to mark themselves as teenagers helping create a youth market. The clothing that the teddy boys wore was designed to shock their parents’ generation.

The reason why this movement became extremely popular post World War II was because that was when people could spend more money on fashion again.














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