What I learned about love?

Posted on August 17, 2016

My birthday is a reminder that another year has passed by and maybe – just like I do it at the end of every December – I should think about how you’ve changed, what I’ve learned and how I can make my journey better and how can I be a better person towards others.

I kept thinking about what I should write on my birthday post, this year. And I cannot write about the spiritual side just yet because I am still working on it, I am learning and I will leave more time for this to settle and see how I will look at it in a few months or years, perhaps. It feels like I am working on balancing my body, heart, spirit and mind and let life flow. It’s a work in progress so maybe I’ll give it some time and then talk about it. But I did put together a few ideas about this new birthday.

It goes without saying that the last 12 months I learned the most lessons I have ever learned. And that’s because, for the first time, I was open to change. I see every day and every problem and every situation that I used to see as bad, angry or sad as a challenge. Everything is a challenge and you challenge yourself to go through life and make it worth it. It may sound like a cliche but now, I embrace change and I am not stuck on the old me anymore. If I figure out a way to be happier, I just work on it even if it means changing a 20 smth year old habbit and lifestyle.

I learned that nothing happens the way it should until you love yourself. And I was not really able to show others the true me until I accepted and loved myself. And no matter how many moments you have when you wanna be liked or loved by others, you need to stay true to yourself and don’t allow those things to change you for others.

And after I’ve accepted the fact that we all are perfectly imperfect, I have flaws and I am human, I need to let life happen. I can dream, work, achieve but I need to let go of control and go with the flow. If life gives you signs and shows you ways, you need to take a look at them and maybe jump on the wave and see where it will lead you.

I learned to stop looking at the past, stop trying to see and stop trying to control the future. I learned to just be in the now. To enjoy the happiness if I have any, the friends if I have any, the love, the sadness, the anger, every emotion, every person that makes me who I am today, every moment that defines me. Just be in the now. And be human. Allow myself to be human and make mistakes. I don’t always need to look good or do interesting things or post cool stuff online. Sometimes I’m just boring… or just human.

One of the hardest things about being connected to social media everyday is being and staying true to yourself. I learned that you need to figure out that everything that happens online is not 100% real. I will always try to be honest, when I can, but there’s a lot of projections, personal views and every story that you tell will be yours and yours only, at the end of the day. It may influence others to see me as a cool, party-animal, social human being that loves events, festivals and dresses in suits all the time or stuff like that – everything that some people consider it’s cool to see online – just like I see a lot of people saying that they are happy online all the time or that they feel grateful and blessed but they’re bitter and complain a lot in real life. You can be whoever you want to be online. But I don’t let the social media turn my life into a show where I am both the character and the audience.

I wake up every morning feeling grateful and thinking about the people and the things that I am grateful for. I get out of bed thinking about being a good person, staying modest and seeing everyone as equals. I go out of the door while enjoying my favorite song of the day, even if it’s the happiest tune or a melancolic one. And when I step out on the streets, I feel like there are so many possibilities in the air, everyday. Even when it’s a bad day. There’s possibilities for things to turn worse. But most of the time, you can make it better.


Photos taken in Vama Veche. Photo credits: The Fashion Jumper

Photo assistant and magic worker: AnaMa Popescu

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Les Hommes black blouse

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