What to wear when you’re scared?

Posted on July 30, 2014

When I started this blog I promised that I will do everything I can to get out of my comfort zone and do things that I wouldn’t do. The motto that says “the best things happen when you get out of your comfort zone” is true and it always proves right. Getting out of this zone means also exploring or not avoiding your fears, the things that make you scared.

So what do you wear when you’re scared and you find yourself facing some of your worst fears? Because clothes should protect you or make you feel safer and more comfortable, clothes are your second skin. So if you know your own skin and you own your fears, you should be able to face them with more strength and a better feeling.

I was walking on the beach at sunset with a good friend and I had this vision about jumping in the middle of the water and catching the coast side in the left corner and the sunset in the right one. To do so, I would have to walk through the sea filled with green algae.


First of all, I don’t know how to swim and the sea level was getting deeper near the rocks.

Second, there was no other way of reaching to the big rocks – where I could jump and land on a piece of something – other than taking my shoes off and heading right through the Black Sea.

Third, I had to get out after a few seconds because I noticed a huge water spider and some sort of Crustacean creature – it may have been a crawfish.

And last but not least, the rocks were so untouched by humans and so slippery and covered in some sort of combination of slime and fungus that you couldn’t stand still without slipping into the water. So yeah, I’m afraid of water, spiders and slippery surfaces. It was one big pile of scary things but… it feels like it was worth it in the end. I didn’t manage to get rid of my fears and I felt scared most of the time I was in the water but when your vision takes over you, there’s no fear and no limits to what you can achieve.

The Fashion Jumper - sea sand scared - 1
This was impromptu, I didn’t prepare an outfit or thought it through, I was just wearing what I would normally wear at the seaside when I’m taking a long walk at the beach side: David Beckham for H&M shorts, Zara tshirt, Lee Cooper blue denim shirt, ASOS Plimsolls With Circle Print and the chip bonnet that I got from some local merchant.

An honest outfit will always give you confidence.

The Fashion Jumper - sea sand scared - 2Β 
Stones, rocks, sea and sand,
summer 2014

Thank you SheLovesDetails for the help!

The Fashion Jumper - sea sand scared - 7

The Fashion Jumper - sea sand scared - 6

The Fashion Jumper - sea sand scared - 13

The Fashion Jumper - sea sand scared - 10

The Fashion Jumper - sea sand scared - 11

The Fashion Jumper - sea sand scared - 8

The Fashion Jumper - sea sand scared - 9

The Fashion Jumper - sea sand scared - 5

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