Where is home?

Posted on December 12, 2014

I wanted to leave this town so many times. This town and this land. I struggled a lot with leaving. I wanted to leave everything behind hoping to find a place to call home. And a better future. But where is home? Is is safe to search for it in places? In people? In clothes?

The photo from the header of this post inspired this article. It was taken in Bucharest inΒ Piata Amzei in 1941 and the instant I saw it on the Secret Bucharest Facebook page, it felt like home.

It felt like my childhood – because I was raised in the countryside – it felt like my every weekend – because every Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning I go to a farmer’s market that looks exactly the same and it’s in a nearby area. It felt like HOME because it feels like people were simpler, nicer and warmer back then. That period of time seems familiar even though there was WWII going on.

The Fashion Jumper - into the woods -2
Home is not necessarily a place. Yet we all look for it especially in December, right before Christmas. There’s something about this holiday that brings out our need for belonging and going HOME, going to that place.

Also, we leave one HOME and run into another. When we leave the house that we lived in, we go into another one… and maybe another one… and another one. Some may leave the country or their town or their continent in order to find a place where they feel like they belong.

It’s just that… if you find comfort and happiness in your skin, in your clothes and in your spirit, you are HOME. And you don’t need a society to define a HOME for you. Or another political, another economical or another fashion world to feel like HOME.

HOME is where you are with yourself. HOME is where your roots come from. HOME is where your spirit turns from stone cold to warm fire. HOME is a state of comfort in your own skin, in your best clothes or your worst ones.

You have to look within yourself before you search for it on the outside. But if you think you are done looking on the inside and you still need something from the outside then you didn’t look good enough. It’s all there.

HOME is where the wild things are. And best things are. And the worst things are. And where your best moments are. And your worst fears. HOME is in YOU.

The Fashion Jumper - into the woods - 4
Since it’s been a busy time of the year, I barely had time to take new photos so I took a few shots – just the ones you’ll see below, no double takes – between two different looks that I was taking photos of for a fashion editorial for an international magazine. The photoshooting took place in a forest near Bucharest, somewhere deep into the woods on a Sunday morning.

It was freezing. It was humid, it was kind of dark. But nature feels like a home all the time. And nothing’s more authentic and comfortable than that. I’ll leave that thought for another article.

The Fashion Jumper - into the woods - 1
This outfit is made by a H&M grey long coat from their Grey Collection, Zara trousers & shoes, H&M black hat and a vintage scarf I got in London from RockIt!

The Fashion Jumper - into the woods - 3

The Fashion Jumper - into the woods - 5
Jump into the woods now!

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