Winter in the Borough

Posted on January 18, 2014

One of the things that makes me the happiest is the ability to fly to London whenever I just feel like it and enjoy a great week-end. I had a great walk in the winter morning in the Borough Market.

If you try to wander around there on a week-end in the Borough Market, you’ll just see the guys who are bringing in the fish and cleaning and getting rid of the bad fruits. It’s not super-exciting or interesting, it’s just still life, a snapshot of a cold morning when even the tourists are asleep and no one dares to go out in the frezing cold.

I’m not interested in fabrics more than a good story because I don’t think any great designer sold fabrics, he sold his story and his road from being, I dunno, maybe poor as hell and going from scratch and trying to find a way to express himself, showing their stories, their imagination, their love and their drama, putting all their emotions and stories into a piece of fabric.

Winter in the Borough made me feel like writing a story, a different kind of story (yes, I like to write sometimes and no, it’s not a love story). We all feel the need to be unique and different from the others but running away from that only makes us the same as everyone whois trying to do the same thing. There’s always another road, another way to go and I’ll show you mine… (if you’ll show me yours. πŸ™‚ )

*kiddin’…. and jumping*

This is the first time I only did ONE JUMP for the photos and felt like it was the right one. Usually I take some more shots of me jumping but sometimes you only get one chance to do it right.

Trench: Zara, Knitted sweater (the grey one): H&M; Jeans: Lee Cooper; Black and red pattern shirt: vintage; T-shirt: H&M; Shoes: America Skate;

The Fashion Jumper - Borough Market - 8

The Fashion Jumper - Borough Market - 6

The Fashion Jumper - Borough Market - 10

The Fashion Jumper - Borough Market - 12

The Fashion Jumper - Borough Market - 16

The Fashion Jumper - Borough Market - 11

The Fashion Jumper - Borough Market - 14

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