ZOOT & the happy people from Timisoara

Posted on March 22, 2016

ZOOT opened a new Happiness Booth in Romania. This time, we went all the way to Timisoara for a few days of cool hunting (or beautiful hunting, how I like to call it) and their big opening event which was a fashion show in the streets of this charming old city.

Cabina de Fericire (in English – The Hapiness Booth). That’s how they call it. The place where you enter, try on whatever you feel like it and you only pay for what you like and go home smiling – especially since they had a nice 30% discount for people who got the new number of  ZOOT Magazine.

ZOOT, the online shop for people who feel different than the crowd, expanded to Timisoara, a somehow nice city (a few years ago) that turned into one of the most beautiful places in Romania. If you don’t know how the drill works with ZOOT, I’ll explain again, it’s quite simple: You order online. And if your city has a Happiness Booth (so far, they have a few of them in Bucharest, one in Cluj Napoca and one in Timisoara), you go there after 2 days and get to try them on – you can order as many sizes and colors as you like – and you only get to pay for what fits you and what you like. If you don’t feel like getting anything, you can just do that, free of charge.

They placed their  new Booth in Timisoara on Eugeniu de Savoya street – there are no cars, it’s a beautiful pedestrian area, right across the street from the best known sweet shop in town – Trandafirul. And they did a nice event that included a fashion show on the street where everyone could see how models sat on their chairs and had their hair & make-up done and got ready for the catwalk – which was a red carpet catwalk. There was a photo booth, cotton candy, balloons and an MC that made it feel like a street party where anyone can be the center of attention.

So they asked The Fashion Jumper – that is me – to travel to Timisoara and show the world that the people in Timisoara have the ZOOT spirit, they feel different, look different and are unique, they care about how they dress and they give you the feeling that they are happy.

I was so excited to see my friends that live there and meet people that I was following online for months or years. I posted on my Facebook profile and Instagram about going to shoot beautiful people and I was more than surprised to see how many nice humans were really anxious to meet, to take photos, to chat, to smile, to share stories and enjoy time in the sun, in Unirii Square – the place where all the beautiful ones hang out.

It was a thrilling experience, I was amazed by how nice the people dress and by how open they are, they feel happier than people in Bucharest (where they have this pressure to always look cool). People in Timisoara enjoy life more than any other people I’ve seen lately, they smile and they give cookies to photographers (wink). Thank you, ZOOT! It was a pleasant life lesson and one of the most enchanting and fun weekends I’ve had in months, I am grateful to have shared this experience with the people in the photos.

Here’s a few pics from day 1 and day 2 of taking photos (I had two hours of ‘beautiful hunting’ everyday).

One of my closest friends, Claudiu Andras – he used to be a fashion blogger (In Blinding Lights) some years ago, now he’s working as a visual merchandiser for GUESS and he’s almost ready to open his new blog – Zesting. Day 1 and day 2.

On the right side is Seemo Feemo, a dear friend whose enthusiasm is contagious. Day 1 and day 2.


Some lovely & stylish girls:



Now this was a really nice thing. Because on the second day of taking photos, I arrived there at 2 pm sharp and these ladies were waiting for me, really excited to meet and take a photo together. I felt honoured to get that kind of attention and hear their nice words. Before they left, they shared with us some of the sweets and cakes they bought for an anniversary that they were going to. I don’t know about you but receiving a smile, good energy, enthusiasm and sweets, that’s the best way to start a working day for me. Heaven. Thank you, Simona and Adriana, you made my day!



This dude – Sebastian Lucian – was a friend of mine on Facebook for some time now. I was curious to take photos of him  – he’s 20 and he could be the poster boy for millenials who care about individuality more than anything else. His main purpose is to find out who he is and show people his journey on FB, Tumblr, Instagram and Snapchat. We talked about the reasons for his many tattoos, his creative expression and his passions, we talked about the city and how it feels like growing up in Timisoara for a young creative (yuccie) and many other things.

The people who used to be labeled as freaks or weird or unusual a few years ago, they are the new cool, the new beautiful, they push boundaries, they redefine individuality, they redefine gender and every other standard. He does make-up, hair, styling and photos and plays a lot with being androgynous.


Now, the photos of this shining dude will raise a few questions for my stylists friends that are sometimes obsessing about clothes & brands. This guy – his name is Adrian Stan – defines what style means for me. You can wear a simple range of gray clothes (you already know gray is my favorite color), you can throw on some gray jeans, a dark gray patterned Tshirt, some New Balance shoes and a colorful jacket but what makes it all great is his attitude. He puts on that shining smile and everything comes into place, he brings out the good energy that we should strive to put into the world everyday. And if we talk about the fact that he’s working for charity organizations and helps a lot of needy people, that makes it even better. And he’s also a dentist – hence the perfect smile.



It’s all about positivity, being yourself, bringing out the best in people who watch you and they enjoy being next to you. It’s all about being different and happy. And that’s what ZOOT is all about. Thank you, ZOOT and thank you, happy people of Timisoara, it was a wonderful time.

And of course, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to jump next to a colorful wall that shows best my mood from these past few days.

Here you will find the cool hunting session I did for ZOOT when they opened their shop in Bucharest at the end of last year.

Jump up and go to Timisoara, it’ll make you smile!

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